Sunday, October 28, 2007

To big, too soon

Well the euphoria of Friday night was short lived. I should start by explaining what caused that and why it was short lived I guess.

I went for a meal with Lisa, at first I tried to talk myself into thinking something bad was going to be said, but far from it. We had a real nice night out, a very good meal and excellent chat. It has been ages since we went out on our own, and went out for more than 10 minutes or so here or there. Yes, we email and text each other, but the power of verbal conversations and the ability to read your companions moods is important. It was such a lovely night and although her husband was coming up on the Saturday and we were going out on the Saturday night, having that time together alone was very nice.

Saturday afternoon arrives with a text message to say that Lisa might be going home, before we got out on Saturday. We were due for a meal and then to see Arcade Fire at the M.E.N arena in Manchester. That might turned to am, and so I tried to find someone else to go to the gig instead of Lisa, but couldn't find anyone. My mood altered and though I desperately wanted to enjoy the concert, I had a gaping hole inside, which left me flat and uninspired.

I'm glad I went and the concert was enjoyable, I have my views on the concert, that the group were not ready to play such a big venue yet. They have had success, but need to build upon that and play the arena's of this size in a year or so's time. The musicianship of the group isn't in question, it's just something was missing for a concert this size. Maybe it was me not being quite at the races, but hey I did enjoy it.

So the joy of Friday, which I was riding on Saturday morning and looking forward to making the concert and the weekend go with a huge bang was gone. Any hope that this weekend would rival the weekend in April when I watched James 3 times, and keep me on a wave of happiness through the summer was also gone. I've got to find some other inspiration. However, I think I may have a new car lined up, though it's possible that it may be sold by the time I get back to the garage either tomorrow or Tuesday. However that's the chance I take I guess. If I do get the car, then at some point prior to Christmas I will go down and see Lisa, and spend a weekend with her, and forget about the problems that lie in Salford.

Those problems aren't as bad as they have been and if anything the biggest problem I have right now is with work. Work is a hassle, yes I know it is for everyone, but I don't mean it in that context. I have strong views on my management team and they are getting stronger with each passing decision and it isn't making life at work pleasant. I really don't want it to get any worse, but as much as we as our team do to follow instructions we then get new instructions which contradict themselves. No more, the more I think of work and it's issues the more I get angry and upset and I don't need that, I need to be positive and happy. So no more talk of work for this entry.

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