Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's all good

It seems like a life time ago that following me reading both Loxy's and then Janet's blogs that I decided to create a blog of my own. I know it was reactionary and I know that I've been quite lazy if I'm honest about it in here, but I have found this place to be the place to let go, the place to give anger it's full and deserving place in the world. Has it helped me?

Well I would hope it has, but then again how can I be sure and how can I put that across to you folks who pop in from time to time to read the crazy notes of this British girl? I really don't know how to answer that, but needless to say I can see improvements and I can see how better I am than the person that wrote those first few posts all that time ago.

If some of you are thinking that this may be a sign off note, well no not really. I was writing in my Myspace blog earlier tonight and had a lull for a minute or two. A block as such and I was trying to think about what I could right not only there but here. It was as I started here that I decided to go down this particular line. It's been an age since I took an introspective look at my own work here and how it's been a help to myself. I guess it's always good to do so once in a while and today was one of those days. I have tried and failed to find something to challenge myself with to write today, so this is the perfect time to pull this sort of post out of the bag.

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