Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well the start of this week wasn't at all cheery, with me having to return to work and all that jazz. However, come late Monday night, I had a reason to be cheerful. A flurry of pop groups have announced reunion concerts on that day, but none finer than James, Manchester's finest for many a year. I'm so excited about the fact that not only are we to hear the band live again and they are a spectacular live band, but also some new material. It has made my week a lot more bearable.

As the link to the webpage above is that of a new page waiting to be launched, if you want more information about this band, go look on my links and look for the James fan site, oneofthethree. It's run by one very popular fan who the worldwide James fans all seem to know one way or another.

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Marc said...

This is good news! The gig was brilliant.