Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Closing Day

What a start to the new year it's been. I've seen highs and lows and though not clear of the woods I can see some light at the end of the tunnel as such. This month has seen many things take place and many little mood swings, but nothing has been quite extreme. It's hard to contemplate that today we see the end of January, and that's a twelfth of the year gone. OK, that doesn't sound much, but think about it, how soon were we all seeing in the New Year?? Either time has increased or I just couldn't comprehend time as a child.

So what does February hold? I don't know to be honest, the world is open to anything. I know that early February as always will be heading across to Munich and the Busby Babes who never made it back from there in 1958. 49 long years ago the Babes died on the runway and the monster that is Manchester United today was effectively born then. I'll be constantly looking forward to the James concert later in the year, and will be hoping to hear more news about any new music and any other news about them.

2007 hasn't been a bad year so far, but perhaps that has been due to me having such a relaxing start, wait till September and October to see how I feel after no holidays for a long time and various other things going on.

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