Sunday, January 22, 2006


Only a short post this one I think. I'll accept that I go into quite a few message forums online. If only to find a diverse opinion on various subjects. I enjoy the ones I frequent on a regular basis if only as they tend to be on subjects I enjoy.

Today though, I find myself having let myself down some what in one of them, but all because of one word. Now I'm sure that that sounds really daft, but some words just really get to you. I'm sure for a lot of people the C&nt word is one like that, just so harsh and ugly. The word though that does it for me is the term Spastic. I really hate that word, it's ugly, offensive and down right disrepsectful to anyone with any sort of disability either physical or mental.

With someone not only refering myself to as spastic, but others as well, and after a request not too, I fell into the trap and responded. I'm in no way pleased with what I said, and I'll be making apologies for a while longer I suspect for what I said, but I'm unrepentant in the fact that the word that was used, should be withdrawn from the English language, placed in a capsule and sent into space, where it can float away and be forgotten by this world.

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