Monday, January 02, 2006

1 Thing to change?

I've been carried, I've crawled, walked, ran, limped around this planet for coming up to 35 years shortly (well my birthday is in September, so this has to be the month of conception or perhaps it was a Xmas, who knows!! Anyway, I've changed many, many things in that time not only for the worse, but also the better.

Right now though, it's the new year and people worldwide will be making new year resolutions. I wish I could do something that would be possible. I guess the best one for me would be to lose some weight and also get fit again. For someone who prided themselves on never being too fat or unfit, I'm in bad shape. The problem for me is motivation, I've very little and if I'm honest apart from jumping on my bike, which I would love to do, I've very little things which motivate me in terms of getting fit on my own.

What I have noticed this year more than ever though is the amount of people telling us to change just one thing this year, rather than making a stack of resolutions. I guess that losing weight would be a way to start, but then of course to do that I've got to find something to motivate me to get excersing again. So any suggestions would be taken with open arms. Please remember though, as I've got knee problems, going out running isn't an option for me!! It will only lead to major pain, and I find running so boring.

Well 2006 smells just the same as 2005, it feels the same, sounds the same and looks the same. So till I find something different I'll probably end up being the same old me. One thing I do resolution that I can keep, is not to get any more points on my driving license. I will make the hospital appointment in Leicester without hiccup.

Oh and while we are at it, I think I have found a new tv show that everyone should try and find to watch. Deal or No Deal, if it comes to a tv near you watch it. It's the simplest of formats, and it's not a challenge, but it makes great tv viewing.

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