Thursday, January 26, 2006

Post for post sake

It's been a few days since I last posted and though I've had things to write, and things to empty my mind with, I've not had the urge or desire to blog to be honest. I'm sorry for those of you who check this place out on a regular basis. Anyway, looking around the web this morning and having been to all the places I go too with regularity, I decided it was about time to empty my thoughts and blog.

Whilst I've been trying to forget the actions that led to the previous post, more and more I feel that my own actions were though over the top, justifiable to myself and if that can be good then so be it. I've no sense of regret.

So what else has been going on? Well work has been ok, though difficult. Mainly due to the lack of numbers that I've encountered in terms of volunteers. I can readdress that one quite easily, but to have to just 2 turn up for my group this week was shattering. Not that I had anything really planned, but it was the fact that nothing had we had something planned could have taken place due to the lack of numbers. My line manager came down and helped out, but that served two purposes, one to help ease the burden on us, but secondly to make me feel so under pressure. I feel really awful, when things like that happen, I feel like I'm being watched, which I don't like.

Well I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow, it's the second time in 3 months and it's going to be a bit of a culture shock I guess. It's one of those things I guess, that I'll have to go on a more regular basis rather than not at all. I know my hair was very long till my previous meeting, and it's no where near that length right now, but I think that by having it cut now, will help me in the long run. I'm not 100% on what I want doing with it, but I'll just wait and see how I feel when I get to the salon.

Okay, here's something for everyone. I don't know what everyone listens too in terms of music, and I know that my taste is really large, I'm using random play on my Window's Media player and having just played "Me and the Farmer" by The Beautiful South, it's gone to "Easy" by Faith No More. Well I've almost found a new radio station, it's been around for a couple of years now I think, but for anyone who likes indie music or just music full stop, then take a listen to "The Revolution"
, this is playing some really good music and new music all the time. I know that it's from Oldham in the UK, and they have strong regional accents, but hey just give the music a listen too. For those with some knowledge of the Manchester music scene will recognise that a couple of the presenters were in big Manchester bands of the early to mid 90's.

So what sporting news? Well United won on Sunday in the last minute against Liverpool, which was so good. At times you hear sportsmen comparing scoring goals or achieving things as better than sex. Well for the fans this was that moment, nothing can beat winning a game against one of your biggest local rivals just like this..... Then last night, United played again and won through to a domestic cup final, which at least gives us the chance to claim the first silverware of the season in late February. Not that it's regarded as being a major trophy, but it's still a cup I guess. The Oilers have lost and won this week, with last night being a big win in Anaheim, a good 6-3 road win always goes down well. This team has the potential, but just needs to be in form come the time of the play-off's. As normal the Oilers blow hot for a couple of weeks and then blow cold for a few weeks more. It's normally the Oilers luck to go cold just at play-off time. Not this time I hope.


Loxy said...

Heh, your post had the same title as my post yesterday!

Well, pretty much. :)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Leia,
I just wanted to say hello, and wish you all the best. The Oilers have been pretty active in the market with the acquisition of tarnstrom and Spacek, the rumours are that the OIlers may want Martin Biron.
I was reading your comments about Norman Whiteside and I think he's a chiropodist now right? Over Christmas they showed the Man Utd FA Cup Final against Brighton and even the old final in 1977 where Man Utd beat some team called Liverpool!!
I know this is splitting hairs but didn't The Housemartins sing 'Me and The Farmer'? I know it's both Paul Heaton but I thought I'd just ask!!

Take care Leia and all the best

Leia said...

Sorry Loxy, I had read your post and had probably subconsciously kept the title in my head..... Please don't take legal action, at least the content was different!

Yes, it was the Housemartins. I was in the middle of trying to bring all my thoughts together and added the voice to the wrong group. Same singer is correct. Paul Heaton is living around 3 miles away from me in Urmston at the moment.

Norman is a qualified Chiropodist, but he's more a Pediatrist to be honest. He works on all foot problems and has a contract with lots of clubs in England. That Brighton cup final was the first I'd gone too, Norman was a god (still is to some of us) by that point. The Liverpool game in 77 was funny, as it stopped them getting some Treble that only United have won. Another all time favourite played that day Steve Coppell....

Loxy said...

No legal action here!

Especially since I'm dealing with a civil action suit regarding a party we had on the weekend.