Saturday, July 27, 2013

reflection one

So I'm home from the camp, the camp that the previous post was written from.  I didn't sleep much for whatever reason I tend not to at these type of things.  I was up and about all the time trying to help.  I really enjoyed the camp and the venue, but during the morning sessions today (Saturday I think it is) I ended up in a position where I felt stranded and alone, fighting a corner that I had no way of getting out of.  It was situational, but left me shaken and scared after what took place.  even now I wish I'd been sheep like in my disposition and followed the crowd, but I couldn't and I felt myself slowly becoming separated from a small group of people.  

Now I have read the previous post it doesn't make sense either to me or those who may have read it.  I'm too tired to continue this post, I will go over this note tomorrow, as having had a bath has suddenly become very tired. 

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