Sunday, March 24, 2013

Forcing myself upon this Blog

Nearly 4 months, it's been nearly 4 months since I wrote in here, and why that is I don't know!!  I have to admit that I'm struggling with my writing of late, I'm forcing myself to write this in an attempt to free myself from some sort of writers block.  I've not been able to write important stuff now for the duration of this time, that stuff being some plans and emails, which haven't flowed.  My own personal emails have been few and far between and have felt some how shunted in construction.  So I've decided to come here, and force myself to write something. 

I guess, that I should discuss the biggest news story concerning myself this first quarter of the year.....  As of the moment, well not at this moment in time to be obvious, but as of now, I'm booked to go on holiday, and not just a weeks break down with Lisa or away on a residential or conference.  No, this is a big holiday involving passports, international driving permits and travel insurance.....  I'm off to Canada, I've been very, very lucky in that my Aunt has invited me to spend 2 weeks in Canada, and has offered to pay for me.  The tickets are booked the seats booked, now all I need to do is await my passport, to confirm everything, and hopefully that's it.  As you can see, though I'm am being cautious, as on too many occasions I've been in this sort of position and start to count the chickens only for some thing to happen and me to end up with no chickens.  

It's difficult to tell you how long ago it was since I got on a plane for a trip of this distance, I can't tell you how long it's been since I've left the UK on a holiday, though in between these times I have flown to Belfast twice and Glasgow once, the combined distances don't even reach half that of the trip to Canada, I'd be interested to work out if the combined distances come close to the subsequent drive I've got after my flight to my Aunt's house.  However that's all to come in June.  To say I'm excited is an understatement, it wasn't something I was expecting and whilst my health still isn't sorted, and this past week has seen a complete regression in my breathing abilites, it has been enlightening, as it yet again corrilates to myself having had a cold which is something for me to monitor, in the mean time before I go through with a minor operation, either in May or July.  I guess if there is a link to this then with the onset of a cold a trip to the doctors is required to obtain a prescription on steriods, which has seemingly improved my breathing by around 300%, or so it seems to myself in a couple of days. 

So since the news broke I've been on a huge saving splurge, which is matching my lifestyle as it was when I had the cumalative debts of last year and the year before.  Thankfully they've been sorted out, but only just or I wouldn't have been able to afford to go to Canada, even with my Aunt paying for my flight, I'd simply have no money to spend whilst over there.  I will have sufficient I'm sure now, though if my niece keeps adding to her wish list of Oilers merchendise I'll have nothing left when I return and I'll seriously have to take the money she's promised to pay me for everything off her. 

Though that in itself sort of pleases me, she's another Oiler fan and a hockey fan, and after last weeks trip to watch Manchester Phoenix, for the first time in years, she actually was discussing season tickets for next year, though both agree the finacing side of that may be a problem for both of us.  So we are looking into our options, but we both enjoyed the game, even if it was no where near the standard it used to be.  I can't say I was totally impressed with the sightlines in the rink, but hey not everything can be perfect though.  It was just good to be able to spend an evening with my niece once more, to chat, to have her threaten to kill me for going to Canada, and to be able to discuss other things as well.  It won't be long before we have a quite serious conversation, one that I know her parents won't want me to have, but if we are going to see more of each other and she's now of an age where she'll be able to understand the discussion and have her own opinions. 

That endeth this post, it was forced, and I've tried not to edit it to much which has been a problem with my emails and other documents, though I have noticed how I've gone against the norm for this blog and started paragraphs with same words, and so had to go back and re-write the start of them.  That maybe down to lack of practise or just because whilst this has flowed it hasn't quite flowed due to the nature of things right now.  It maybe because my fingers are so out of typing practise,even though this is done at a good pace, that I'm just not thinking or noticing little things as I go along, which would be understandable.