Monday, March 25, 2013

Not really Negatve

Three posts in 24 hours, possibly more!!  I am trying to find reasons to write to see how it flows to see if my methods is working.  4 months is a long time between writing and whilst the biggest and best news was talked about yesterday, other things have been going on.  Perhaps if I confront the more negaitive aspects of these times I can perhaps find another reason to why I've not found it easy to write.  After all, I've always said I've found writing to be cathartic, and that I find it easy to write when my mood is perhaps darker than what one would like it to be.  Which suggests I may be down at this point in time, of course I've said I'm forcing myself to type, but to be creative enough to type as much suggests that my mood is swinging.  

However, before anyone starts to panic, and I'm not I have to say that over the past week or so my health has been really poor.  I caught a cold, which isn't nice at the best of times, but it eventually led to me having breathing problems, after the sore throats, then the gunked up nose.  It was one after another from Monday to Friday of last week  So I'm going to use that to have swung what ever happy mood I was in to one of negativity, as I've said before my health has never been this consistently bad, and I've never had health issues like the ones I've got right now.  Perhaps, when I get the answers to those it will lift a weight that has landed on my shoulders and I can move on once more.  

I dare say the term more negative aspects of the times is a bit much, I don't think I've suffered much more than normal I guess, the ususal money issues, though of course my debts which I've long time complained about have been paid (new ones brought on board due to the holiday, but not a worry compared to what once was), so that was my own stupidity, my external hard drive crashed with all my music and video's on it.  I could retrieve them, but it will cost money, it will take time and so a circle begins, I'd previously said in posts pre-Christmas about the state of my PC, and aspirations of obtaining a new one.  Well in someways that's being answered, as I may well be getting a lap top, which I can use freelyish, and for general use.  Once that is done, and once my holiday is out of the way, and the new debts paid off, perhaps I can save again to buy the new PC I wanted.  Though I doubt I'll be saving at the same rate I'm doing now, but of course being able to do that would mean I'll be able to purchase a new PC quicker than I could at the original rate I'd intended.  That though is the future and also depends on how much money I bring back from Canada with me.  

So whilst I've had a few knocks over the past few months, they've not been bad knocks or major issues, but once more a culmination of knocks at perhaps the wrong time.  Each one chipping away at me, which is typical for me.  I wouldn't even say I've been down with them either, I was angry at myself over the money situation, but set about addressing that, and just as I did, the holiday arrived.  So a continued accounting of my finances may be in order for a while, till I'm straight on my feet again, by which time it may well be routine for me to actually account everything anyway, and I'd continue to do so.  

The other things have just happened, at the wrong time and have frustrated me, I guess the hard disk drive thing was the biggest issue, as I'd just started to listen to music again, properly rather than just using it for back ground stuff, I'd started to get new music as well, which makes me sad as well.  I've still got some and I've got my CD's, but it isn't the same is it?  Still life goes on, as with the video's on the disk drive, I'll be able to find them again, and hopefully if the lap top can burn DVD's I could capture and burn the video's I wanted and thus not have to worry about the lost videos any more.  

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