Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Way

It's time to write another post, another random post to fill in the time that I have on my hands tonight. I'm not going to get depressed, but for some reason I would like to acknowledge that I would rather be sat round either a friends house or a table in a pub some where right now chatting to friends. It just feels like one of those nights where I wish I could do either of these activities.

Still, rather than letting it get to me, I'm chilled about it, I really am. I know that I've said this before and then a few days later been in the deepest of places, but seriously I'm OK right now. I guess it's just that I'm unsure of what I want to do tonight and having someone or some people to talk too is alway something different and takes a night into different places.

This post has no real thread to it, I'm really going blind here, I've no idea what to write, I started off hoping that I could write something to keep me occupied and provoke some thoughts in my mind which would then lead me to do something after finishing. However, I've got nothing to fire my imagination to take me to where ever I want to go or is that actually the right thing to say? As I've no place where I want to go, I just wanted to write and see where I went.

Perhaps I should sit down and start to plan for some more presentations, though I've got no more lined up, but if I sit down and start looking into topics and building up information and powerpoints I can share them with those with whom I trusted my previous efforts to see what they think and see if they are equal to that one or better. What ever I do, it's going to be different to what ever I would be doing had I not sat down and wrote this. This has to be one of the more pointless entries I've ever written, but in it's own way it's provided me with something and that's the most important part of writing this I find. It helps me and if it helps me then no matter how shocking and how crazy these enteries sound, it assists in some way to making life better for me, and as I like to point out, I see through my eyes and no one elses, I hear through my ears and not anyone elses. I touch with my fingers, think with my brain, it's me that does things for me. People can offer advice or directions to help me, but it has to be my choice in the end to follow that advice or direction, and do what ever my own way.

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