Friday, March 05, 2010

North, South, East or West, which direction to go?

Another week flies by, and a surprisingly uneventful week goes by considering how it all began. However, it's gone with now and I can perhaps look forward to the weekend. However, not a lot is taking place this weekend, still it gives me chance to run through the presentation that I've got to give next Monday and Wednesday. I've got to really work on one area of that, in an attempt to sharpen it up, once that is done everything should be near enough done with it. I don't know if I should sit down and try and script the part that I'm struggling with, it may help me nail what I want to say, but then it's a difficult part of the presentation to give. So I may just have an attempt and see how it goes.

Life however continues and the foundations have been untroubled this week. If anything I've hardly worked to solidify them, but then by not rocking them either they are settling into the ground and becoming use to the weight that is my life. How deep is that? Not very, as I'm not that heavy that the foundations are sinking this quickly!!!! I couldn't resist a little joke there for some reason, but if one's humour is intact then I'm heading in the right directing.

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