Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It's Wednesday morning and I'm feeling a bit, "well what's next?" I'm feeling slightly better today, having spoken to a couple of people yesterday I felt like I was connected with the world again, it wasn't exactly enough, but it does make me realise that I am still alive and of course that makes me feel a fraction more positive about myself.

This morning has seen something good anyway, in that I've ordered a ticket to go and see Skunk Anansie in November of this year. Add to that the Eddie Izzard tickets for November, I'm looking forward to what is normally a dull and at times arduous month for me. I have seen Skunk before way back in the mid 90's over in Sheffield and I loved them, they disbanded a good few years back and now back together, it's going to be great to see them again. The concert in Sheffield is one of my favourite non James/Queen concerts that I have ever been too. The fact that I only realised they were back together yesterday has been the beacon of light to which I'm looking to for this week.

Of course now this is sorted, I can now look towards the weekend and getting my mobility back, before this time next week, when all eyes turn to Rome. Whilst United equalling the record of 18 league titles is special, it was the lead up and day of victory which was special, since Sunday it's been well let's look forward and not backwards. So I've not allowed myself to enjoy that that much and been muted by my own standards in terms of celebration, next week I may not be able to contain my joy if United win in Rome. My love for United is one of the constants in my life, one that has never altered and quite possibly grown stronger over the past year or two.

This is a very timid post in comparrison to the previous entries in here, maybe because I'm a bit calmer, maybe I have blown myself out with the anger and frustration, but the rancor still burns inside of me, it's more like the past couple or days have been an explosion and now the fire burns inside, whilst on the outside the fire brigade are starting to dampen the building. However much that is dampened it doesn't mean that I'm over the worse of things, far from it. Now is when the building I live in starts to crumble under the heat of the fire and whilst I'm fighting the battle to not to collapse unless the fire is exstinguished soon, the building will fall.

What can I do to prevent the building falling, well to have started to put the fire out so quickly is a help, I can now start to examine where to put the water to stabalise the building quickly and stop the fire. That's never been easy, but it has become easier with more and more fires that I've had to deal with. So with a little patience I should be and could be ok sooner rather than later.

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