Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Evaluation Time

Like the clouds that fill the sky things have been a little grey around myself over the past few days and probably weeks if I'm honest. I've spent a few weekends sulking away, for varying reasons, and whilst I've put it down to being "just about the time", I can now see it's been building up of late.

I've mentioned frustration over the past few days as a sort of excuse for Saturday, and I stick by that, but I've also got to look further back as to why I'd let myself get to that point. I have shed light on part of the reasoning I guess with the explanation of the introvert fighting the extrovert within me, and I'm not sure which is the good or bad guy as such out of those two. I guess deep down I'd like extrovert to be the good guy, but I'm not sure if I can trust that part of me as inanely as I can the introvert aspect of myself.

Trying to take a quick look at the situation at work could provide answers, more so if you've been in regular contact with me, but to be honest that's been left to work almost, though over the past few weeks I've noticed an increase in some forms of discrimination, which of course may be a marker as to some discontent build up. I can't blame that though, it's only recently, but I am going to start highlighting it to those who do anything from this point forth, it's only fair they know. If that means them walking on eggshells so be it.

I've got to look at other area's of my life as well, and whilst that is being done I've also got to go to work. So at this point in the discussion I'm going to have to depart, it was always going to be a quick post this one, but it has turned up a few stones that I didn't expect to turn in my mind once I started down this path. I'll go away and see what's under the said stones and try and equate that to everything as quickly as I can. Till I return, enjoy the sun on your face and let it energise you to the full.

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