Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So here we go again down the line of where to take this entry? I think last nights entry was a bit more positive than I anticipated and to be honest it opened my eyes a little to a situation within myself that I'd ignored previously, but hey that's always the case isn't it? I mean if we don't go through life without a problem or learning something new it wouldn't be a normal life.

I am becoming increasingly aware of who at work is on my side and who isn't. I've got the person noted and will watch what I say in and around them from this point on. I accept that what went on on Saturday was out of order, but that's out of work and should have been kept there. However for what ever reason it's been taken into work but hey I'm on a far better place than I was then. Perhaps trying to explain that wouldn't work at work as they'll have no idea of what went on, none of them would have been through that and I wouldn't want them too either. Still it was fun.....

Another thing that I should point out, is that being able to write about the weekend, and perhaps just writing for writings sake is doing me some good. I'm enjoying the writing and enjoying the challlenge of keeping 2 blogs going and trying to make each of them sepreate. Why the hell I've neglected these two blogs I don't know, but hey if this is the start of the rebirth of both of them, I'll be very happy.

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