Saturday, September 01, 2007


Here we are at the end of August 2007, I mention the year as it could well turn out to be a significant month in my life. It has for sure been a busy month and one of lots of changes, but may prove to be further than that in the not so distant future.

For one it may well prove to be the last summer that I will be involved in activities/playschemes. This will be decided in the next few weeks. I can say that this year has by and far been the worst in 20 years, not in terms of activities or for the kids enjoying themselves. No in terms of children turning up to the activities as such. I've never known it to be as bad as it was this year. I can't pinpoint the reason for this, though I guess that between my colleagues and I we could come up with many answers. I can't say that any of us have the answer for the perfect scheme, we are all poles apart on that but this year just didn't have the sparkle of previous years.

Another major event was my mum moving out of the family home yesterday, it's a traumatic event, and one that is still very raw. My mum has called today to try and set up a meeting tomorrow with my niece and her. I think she understands that I'll probably won't be seeing her for ages as she'll be stopping at my sisters house where I'm not exactly the most welcome guest. Do I really care? No, it's just typical however of them (my sister and husband) to be honest, and what's heartening is that my niece actually agrees with me over them. I've a spy in the camp and one which will bode me well in the future. My big worry however is that I won't see my niece half as much as I did do previously and I only saw her a quarter of what I would like. So it's going to be very hard over the next few weeks to deal with not seeing her. I've told her to text or call me if she wants to speak to me, and I may even pass on the only usable email address for her. That way I might find myself in more contact...

So today is being spent at my place quite lost to be honest. I've got nothing to do and I need to get my PC fixed, but that won't take place till Monday at the very least, which I'm a little peeved about, but I can still use the PC it's just the cd/dvd that I can't use. So I can still write from home and do most things that I would have been doing however I was going to spend this weekend getting to grips with the dvd writer and taking lots of stuff and backing it up onto discs. It's going to have to wait a week or two, but it will be done.

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