Saturday, September 08, 2007


The start of a week's long break from work starts here.... Well it started last night, but so what I'm happy to be away from that place, all the back stabbing and politics. I know that I'm as bad as everyone else, and those who read this journal, will understand that, I call work left, right and centre in here. Mind you I always have done, it's been my place to rant and rave over the past year or two, and not just with my current job either. Still if I didn't have something to moan about I'd be a little scared.

So it's off to London on Monday morning to see two James concerts in the capital, two unique concerts where I'll be treated to new songs and probably different sets each night. That's exciting and it's also quite a bit nerve racking in that it may be a shambles, it may be the best ever, we just don't know what to expect.

I have spoken to mum over the past couple of days and tomorrow I'll be going around to my sisters for tea. I'm a bit surprised that they have invited me, but then again I envisage that my mum, might and I say just might have had something to do with it. Though it will be nice to get more than 5 minutes with AJ tomorrow, thought it will only be 5 mins as she'll probably be watching High School Musical 2. Yes it's very much still the IN thing by all accounts. Yay to be a kid today with so much tv to choose from, it's nothing like when I were a child, 3 channels and nothing for the kids till lunch time and then 3.45 till 6pm that was it, oh and of course Saturday mornings. It's not the same any more, the quality is out there, but it's so dispersed that it's rare to find a quite good kids show these days.

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