Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Times

Here we go again, another post from the crazy fingers. I'm in a good mood in general right now. I know that some parts of my mind set is going crazy with my own inner problems, but on the whole is good.

I've been down to London in the past week to see two concerts by James, and to be honest they refreshed me as much as they did in April. It was seeing them earlier this year that set about the turn around in my general mood. This time, just as my mood was waning, James picked me up and restored the good mood. Maybe it wasn't just the music, but the people with whom I chatted with prior to the show and the music combined.

I'm back in work this week, and then off again next week. It's going to be a very long week I'm sure, but one that I'm going to enjoy. I'll be off to Leeds on Thursday to see Lauren, but also for a meeting on Friday. I am looking forward to that, to create a diversion from the normality of the week. I'll also be looking for a new car, which is exciting.

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