Friday, September 21, 2007

Time to be depressed

It's close to being the start of the year again.... The kids are back in school after the summer break, the temperature has fallen a few degrees or many depending on where you are in the world, the soccer season is in full swing. The hockey season is just around the corner and of course I'm going to be a year older.

I'm sure those that have seen this blog develop know that I'm not one to have fun with regards my birthday, it's always seems to be a rather horrid time of the year for me, and one I wish to forget. I've a distinct feeling that this year will be the exact same. It's not a time that I enjoy and even though I'll be off work again, it's probably going to be one poor birthday. I was hoping for so much more as well, but this past few week has really sunk me to a level that I didn't think I'd see this year. I'm going to have to sit down and look at myself again soon and try and fnd a positives about myself again and soon.

I've a conference coming up with work, and if I'm in a mood like this I'll end up having a really awful time and a time I wish to forget. I don't want that, but it's a something to contemplate. I've got a wedding to attend tomorrow, and if I don't buck myself up for that, I'll end up faking an excuse and not going. It's a trick I've done before, but it's something I've not done for ages. I'll have to see how I really feel, I wouldn't want to spoil it for the bride and groom or others either, by being very depressed at such a happy occasion.

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