Sunday, August 05, 2012

A little Pride

Oh, only 3 posts last month, that wasn't good was it??  It wasn't for not wanting to post, but I guess that with my PC playing up some what and towards the end of last month as well I was ready to move upstairs to get my flat re-decorated so I missed out on the last 10 days or so.  

With regards to the PC, it's getting slower and slower and I can no longer watch video's on it, which is a pain in the backside as that is something that I enjoy using my PC for.  It's been worse right now with the Olympics being on, I'd have been watching near enough everything from Sailing to Handball, from Football to Fencing, and everything else inbetween.  However, I've had to make do with twitter updates and the text updates on the BBC website.  Even now it's painfully slow, I took it in to be repaired last week (the PC of course), and they had to reformat it, because it was so slow, however it's almost slower now and still no good in terms of video or dvd playback.  It is slightly better for music playing, however, that still gets interference when other programmes or websites are being used.  It's driving me crackers and I'll be taking it back to the shop again very soon and giving them a bit of my mind, whilst also making it very clear what they need to check on the thing.

As for the decorating the room is brighter the carpet is just a darker version of the previous carpet they put down a couple of years back.  They have also extended the vynal covering to the door rather than put carpet down there.  I've still not got a new cupboard though, they were due to put that up yesterday, however on coming home from a trip to Liverpool yesterday I found that the frame is up, but the central support has cracked, so I've got a frame up, but nothing else.  My fridge door still needs repairing and the extractor fan hasn't been installed either.  When that is being done, the electrician can look at the plug sockets as well, I'm going to get this place ship shape as such.  

Apart from those issues I've had a reasonable time of late, with a few bad days though.  One of the things that I've noticed and I have almost mentioned it above, is that I find people don't listen or don't wish to understand me when I'm explaining things to them.  Over the past few weeks I've only really noticed this issue and how much frustration it causes me.  I don't think it's down to my speech, which it may have been years ago, but for some reason no body listens to me when I tell them anything, and the other week it really hurt me, and left me in tears yet again.  I've been to two Pride events in the past couple of weeks, one in Salford last Sunday and then yesterday I was in Liverpool.  It was a really nice pride in Liverpool yesterday, and the parade was excellent even in the torrential rain.  I have a sore throat today, which I think is as a consequence of the rain, but hey one can suffer for having fun.  It was also nice to meet up with Jayne for the frist time since her wedding. 

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