Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Full Week

So time goes by, floating down the eternal breeze that is life.  One is neither entraced by it or bothered to be honest.  Today has been one of bewilderment and astonishment at the minds of others.  Plodding through the day catching up with various websites and views of various people you tend to find idiots.  I've been one on more than a few occasions myself, so I can identify them easily enough.  

However on occasion you meet idiots who don't even accept it, nor do they hide it, by repeating inane drivel and driving the minds of the masses to mush.  Today has been one of those days and though I'm tellling myself not to get involved I have done.  Not as much as I would normally do, but none the less I have.  So why did I go against my own wishes?  I really don't know, it's a strange situation, you tell yourself no, and yet you do.  In the past I would tell myself they have set themselves up for it, but I don't even think it's as staightforward than that.  I think they do it to generate a kick for themselves and whilst I hate providing them with it, at times I feel I've no option.  Well I'm out tonight at a meeting, so perhaps I'll be able to take my mind off them and concentrate on it.

This past week has been quite busy in terms of going out and being busy, I'm always happy when that happens, it makes things easier.  However this week has been mixed, I'm awaiting the flat to be redecorated, I was told it was going to start this week and yes it may do, but I've no idea now.  I was all ready for Monday till late on in the day when they said it wasn't going to happen till later in the week.  This sort of disrupted the Monday night, so last night I went out to see a read through of a friend's play.  That may be the basis of another entry into here shortly, but I've got to think of the wording carefully.  However with tonight's meeting and then tomorrow the youth group, Friday night again taken, I'm some what glad that I had to miss out on the board meeting I was due to attend.  It would have made a hell of a busy week even more busier.  It's the first meeting that I've missed so whilst I feel some what guilty I'm also OK in myself that it isn't one of many as such.  

I need to get going I have this meeting in a bit to get to, but I need to get to the venue and also get changed.  Plus I want to be down there a bit earlier to have a quick chat with someone before we begin.  I may end up taking a role in this meeting that I really don't want to take, but may have to due to lack of numbers, so I may have a moan about that in a future post.

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