Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ch, ch, changes

It's interesting to see that I have hardly posted anything this month, so far that is.  Though nothing of real note has taken place, certanly not in comparrison to the previous months, it's still be a month for me to learn from.  I'm not quite sure what I'm meant to learn from it, but I will have to reflect come a later moment.

For the large part I've been quite lacking in motivation, I've compared it to having the motivation of a sloth, and whilst it's a slight concern I'm also aware that sometimes one has to have a quite period, one of rest to replenish the batteries as you might say.  I've been sleeping very well, too well in many ways.  I'm resting up and finding myself deviod of energy fairly quickly which is a worry, but hey I'm sure that I can change that.  Maybe a change of diet or something might help I don't know.  Anyway I've got time to work this out.

So what else to write?  I don't have much really to say.  I would say that over the last few weeks I've become increasingly aware of other blogs, and how well written or more interesting they are are.  I have felt that perhaps this place could be better and that more people would read it.  However that reflection would probably harm me, more than help me.  I have pondered the idea of creating something new, a blog on a subject rather than myself.  However, I look around the net and I find others are writing what I want, and I'd be either repeating or adding nothing more to the others.  I look around and wonder why don't I look further at my writing, and I really don't know.  I've a million and one idea's but this is too restrictive, it's me, and my partly open self.  The sheilds are up, they are always up, though I do open them slightly to see the pain and joys of how I am.  Never really the true me, and I wonder what that is.  I wonder if, if I brought the shutters down would I be able to write better? Would I be able to create better posts?  I'm guessing no, and so I will return to the quarry of my mind in an attempt to find something original to write about, something that I will be adding something to the world with, even if no one wants to read it. 

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