Friday, July 06, 2012


The sixth of the month and no blog entry yet, tut tut!  Well here I am looking out of the window, seeing nothing but rain, hearing nothing but rain and have been so all day.  All joking aside it has been incessant all day, and really from around 9pm last night.  It had been forcasted though, a months worth of rain in 2 days they said watch out for flooding.  Sure enough it's been wet.  I will say this, I think we can safely say that in 2013, we in the UK won't need or won't hear of a hosepipe ban, as we had implimented in March or April of this year.  Were one to believe in the bible and it's stories, one would now be aware of how Noah felt in his arc.

The weather is of concern to me today, as tonight I'm going out to a beer festival, in the Chorlton district of Manchester, once home to Cosgrove Hall, those masterful animators who brought you Danger Mouse and Count Duckula, as well as my favourite's Jamie and The Magic Torch and Chorlton and the Wheelies..... For some reason it always rains for this festival, but I'm going prepared this time, big waterproof jacket and my boots.  I'll be meeting a friend up ther or two hopefully, but if it's as good as the other times I've been I'll be happy.  Lot's of interesting beer, nice atmosphere in a quaint church.

On Sunday I'm supposed to be going on a walk, but with the weather as it is, I'm seriously considering my options.  It's not that I've not enjoyed the walks we've done to date, it's just the weather, and how it's going to be by Sunday.  It could be the most vile of conditions with all the rain we've had.  I'll wait and see.  If I don't go for the walk, I may head into Manchester and visit the National Football Museum, which has just opened.  I've been to this museum before, but in it's former home, this building "The Urbis" building is much bigger and so should make the museum better.  I did like the previous venue an annex on the side of Deepdale, the home stadia of Preston North End, but space was certainly limited, and Urbis is so much closer to home.

As for me, a mixed bag this week.  On the whole way better than last week, with nothing breaking or smashing.  However, I have noticed that I'm getting a bit wary and irritable on certain topics, and I've blown up when I shouldn't.  Going back a few weeks when I had the major confidence issue, I did say I'd have to watch myself, and so this is a concern.  I'll take a peek inside my own head in the next week or so, and if it's as it is now, I may go back to my gp and ask for a little help.  I hadn't thought about the situation that caused the confidence crash till just then for a while, but as I'm due to go swimming this coming week, it marks the 1 month on mark.  I'll see how I do, but I guess I'm glad to be able to spot this early before letting myself go into meltdown.

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