Sunday, August 12, 2012

Positive inside.

I'm feeling good, I'm feeling positive for a change.....  Well not a change, but I'm just feeling good.  I think it's due to the walking I've done this weekend, which has obviously released some endomorphines and I'm feeling happy.  I should say that I decided to see how my fitness levels were, having not done much walking since June, and the day in the woods.  I've still got the scars on my legs through that day and don't think they'll be leaving me anytime soon.  So I set off yesterday, to follow the route I took that fateful day, but not to turn off and to carry on up to the pit head in Higher Ashley.  I say pit head, it's still has the old fashioned pit lft in place, though the pit has long since been closed.  

As I got to there I felt good and decided to go on further, and further and then I over took a barge on the canal which motivated me more.  I eventually got to Leigh, and decided to call in on a friend by surprise.  I know she was surprised and after a chat and water refill we both set off to the local shops before I departed to start the journey home.  In total the journey ended up being 18 miles long and took 4 hours 40, and although by the time I got home home I had a tiny blister on one toe that was it in terms of how I felt.  This morning the legs felt fine again, though my back was sore.  I went out for a walk today so not to allow the legs to stiffen up, and also to put some miles on the clock, a quick 5 miles in just over an hour got the jucies flowing.  I woulnd't mind as I checked the phone for a distance check prior to endng I was feeling rather glum that I hadn't got to 5 miles in an hour.  Still the leg speed is there, and when looking at the splits the quickest mile was like 13 mins 17 seconds, the slowest was 13 mins 55 seconds so I was quite consistent with split times.

This is good news, I enjoyed pushing myself today, it's paid off I'm feeling good if not rather tired right now.  Today is also the end of the London Olympics.  I don't know what my highlight would be, as perhaps I've enjoyed some of the minor sports more than ever this time.  Things like handball, water polo where we as a nation don't normally take part and in some of them don't even have any sort of hisotry of plaing in.  The government are due to announce a freezing of the money given to sports today, this is good news as the funding was due to fall, hopefully some of the lesser sports will be able to progress in this next cycle and perhaps even qualify for the Olympics out of right, rather than being the home nation.  Well as I'm now falling asleep typing this I need to stop and go rest.

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