Thursday, August 04, 2011


I've calmed down a lot since my rant earlier in the day, yes I still feel the same way about myself and my family, and yes things will have to change. However I've got another bug bear.

I guess that at times I like to leave cryptic messages and I do that lots in here, not so much else where, but right now someone has left me a cryptic message or should I say a message with a cryptic slant aimed right at me. Now OK, I shouldn't let it get to me, but it has. Why can't they get intouch with me? I know I'm not open for chat on facebook, but my phone takes text messages, my landline rings, so why not use that? Why not send an email? It's one of the things that drives me crackers, it's one of the things that sent me over the edge last week, and then I'm expected to drop everything on a cryptic message......

Well my stance has been made clear on here already, so I'm not going to repeat that, but from the upset and hurt of this afternoon, and pain that I felt, I'm almost angry, well I am, but it's not full blown anger. I don't know what it is, any more. Anyway, the fun part is that I can't respond to the message as I haven't got the thing that's mentioned in the message. So till I get that, and of course I've made it clear that I've got nothing to wear, I'm too ugly and don't want to leave the house.... Oh I'm sure going to be made welcome, well I doubt it, but really. I don't ask for much in my life, I never have and never will and yet I get dealt shit day in, day out, hour in, hour out. Oh the joys of being me. Anyone want to swap???

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