Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!!!

It's not to warm, it's not to cold, the clouds are a mixture of grey and white but with plenty of blue behind them. Ordinary perhap? I guess you could describe it as that, it's an ordinary day in this part of the world.

It's that ordinariness that perhaps stiffles me to be quite honest, I've got no plans to do much. I fancy going for a walk, but a walk where to or how far I don't know. I just don't feel motivated. I'm a bit excited as I'm making sure that I go down to Salford Quays early on Saturday to do some open water swimming. It will be the first time I've done anything like that, though of course I did do some open water swimming a few years back up in Lancaster with Lauren and Leanne. Oh that was beautiful day, even if I did rip my foot open, but that was my own stupid fault. Still it was so much fun and the water wasn't that cold once you got in. So I'm looking forward to that this Saturday.

Next week is a busy one, which is good. I'm out swimming again on Monday this time with Marlin for the Pride Pool Party, I'm trying to think of someone to take along with me. I know who I had in mind, but I've not spoken to them for a while, so perhaps not. We'll wait and see, but that should be fun. Then I've an interview in Eccles next Tuesday, not a job interview unfortunatly. Then Thursday I've got blood tests in the morning, which hopefully will ease my fears over my health, though my luck suggests otherwise. Later on Thursday I am at a short film festival in Manchester, where I can possibly have a drink. As I probably won't drink between now and next Thursday. Saturday is then Pride in Manchester and the parade. I think I'll go and join the parade, but I'm not sure who for yet, either Unison or the Trans group. It would be my first actual parade to be a part of, but it's probably the only way I'll get to join in this year.

Wow it's busy next week which I suppose is good news, it gets me out of the flat, and it engages my mind. That's all positive and can only help me. I just wish other weeks were as engaging.

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