Sunday, April 11, 2010

I know What I'm Here For!

Motive, attitude, and down right determination are what this week has been about for me. I write this chilling down before grabbing a quick shower. I've made a decision this week to be me, and to do something about me. I have long said that I need to become more active again and so I have, I have decided to enter this years St Ann's hospice Manchester Midnight Walk. It's a 10km walk through Manchester as the title suggest all through the night.

It's perhaps me being selfish and me doing this in an attempt for me to get fit once more and to lose some weight. That is a good thing for my health and my mental state I guess, and so this past week has seen me start walking, which was a mile a day and a 4 mile walk this morning. The distances will increase, and hopefully I will shed some weight, and become a lot fitter than I am. I can't recall being as unfit as I am right now and I'm almost ashamed of myself for it. I know I have to be careful because of my knee's, but walking is far easier on them than running. The walk isn't until July, so I've plenty of weeks ahead to put in more training and get fitter and slimmer hopefully.

As for my attitude, well I'm being me, I'm no longer caring, and whilst the shit may hit the fan in the next week or so I'm going to stand up for myself with it. I am who I am and that's that. I do what is good for me, not what others want me to do, why should I do that? I've done that often enough, and now it's time for others to listen. I will set down conditions if I have too, but hey who cares? The people that think they are in the driving seat may well feel rather unsettled by recent events but I don't think they will have much of an option soon, well they have, but there are ways around it.

In terms of the last week as well, I've had a great couple of nights watch James in Sheffield and then Preston, for all of those whom I met along the way thank you, more so to Kay and Alex, and a hello to those that I chatted to. The James community is large and wide in this country and we help each other out. I'm just grateful to know you all. As for the concerts themselves, I don't know what it is, no matter how many times I see James I never get let down, I never feel as if it's been a really bad show, perhaps not always the best, but you get moments of genius all the time. That's why I am prepared to watch them 2 nights running, that's why I'd follow them on tour if I could. Still my time will come I guess. Now it's time to contemplate a shower, before going out to watch the football this lunch time.

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