Monday, April 05, 2010

Cryptic wonders

I find today to be nothing more than just another Monday to be honest, there is hardly anything worth watching on television to get me out and down to my mum's to watch that. Still that's not too bad, I can if I so wish get my book and read that, but I don't want to. I'm happy, just plodding around doing various bit and bobs and doing the occasional bit of work. So hey ho, whilst it's just another Monday, it's at least a Monday where I'm contented.

Now that is clear, I've got to try and decide what I want to write and where I go, the age old problem I have when writing in a good place. I find it hard to draw inspiration from positivies, even yesterday whilst a very positive post, I was coming from a negative situation. So why is that? I'm sure I've gone over that before now, so I won't go at it again. What I will say though is that I feel enpowered to attack the world or at least my own world right now. I am going to attack, attack all be it very slowly, but none the less I'm going for it. I've defended for a long time now, and whilst I've got the self confidence and am in a good place I'm ready to attack. I don't know if it's going to be for the best or the worse, so I've got to be prepared for it, but hey ho if I don't try then I won't gain or fail will I?

The worse may be horrible and if it comes to that, I'm sure I'll be writing about it in here at some point in the very near future, but right now I don't care. It's time for the status quo to be broken and for acceptance. I can plead all I like, but it's got me no where, so let's be determind, let's attack and let's put it into the open. If it all falls down then hell to them, but I'm in a good spot, and feel I can deal with it. I may have accepted that only a couple of days ago I was close to falling down the hole by being lonely, but by spotting that, I've found myself on a better platform, one from which I can attack from. As ever I'm being cryptic, but that is only for my safety I guess from others.

I'm now really am grasping to find a thread of a thought from which to develop this entry further. I guess it's left to close it down and write again shortly. I'm glad that over the past month or two I've found my willingness to write once more. I may not be as prolific as I would wish to be or have been in the past, but the fact that I'm writing is helping and a satisfying one. So to those who do read this thank you, I don't know what you make of these entries, not too many comments, but if you know who I am, you know where I'm at and whilst you may not offer too many comments here, you know what to expect if you talk to me.

Added Notes
Well, I've attaked and whilst nothing has taken place just yet, I'll be awaiting the response soon enough. No huffing and puffing, not imediate attitude, so we'll wait and see. Perhaps some acceptance is there, though how much I don't know. The more I attack and challenge the easier it might become for me, or should that be the better it will become for me, and I can move forward that much quicker than I imagined. We'll wait and see.

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