Monday, August 28, 2006

We're Back

Having found it difficult to get into my blog over the past week or so I've finally got into here to find the ability to post again. I'm sorry for the delay and more so in a week, when things have been busy and interesting. I'll find it hard to write everything up, but I'll try my best over the next few days or so.

I've got a bit more time now that playscheme's have finished for the year, and that all the stress of them are over. I'm however still rushed off my feet helping out on the Barnardo's stall at Manchester Pride 2006. The "Big Weekend" finishes this weekend and so tomorrow I'm seriously thinking of just staying in bed to relax, but we'll wait and see how I feel. I should go into work at some point and sort out my time sheets and also my mileage sheets as I've got some expenses to put on.

For now though, I've got to help find my mum a new television as her's blew up on Saturday night, which was the worse time possible as of course Sunday isn't a day a lot of places open still and today is a Bank Holiday in the UK. So no one, but the same few as yesterday are working today. At the same time the tv blew up, something started to go wrong with the digital set top box, so that's gone down as well. So from a reasonable size tv, with 200+ channels she's down to a 14" portable with only 5 channels!!!!

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