Saturday, August 19, 2006

Missed News

I guess under all the pressure of what had gone on yesterday, I forgot to mention in yesterday's summary of the previous week, that I had a phone call on Thursday from work. It was my day off as such, but I'm still available to be contacted.

It was from my line manager, the one with whom I've had professional difficulties. She was calling me to tell me that she had found herself a new job and would be leaving us roughly around the end of October. The news itself wasn't too suprising to be honest, as I don't think she's been 100% happy over the past year or so she's been in post. If I'm honest I think there's more going on at that level than we've been told and that the amount of work she's had to do, to allow us to work any where near the way we had done was huge. I also don't think that we as a team have been 100% fair with her, in terms of most of the team had previously worked with the previous incumbent of the job and had grown used to her style. Only 2 of us hadn't, though I had in been around for her duration in post, I'd never really worked for her. Most of the team butted heads with the line manager, mainly as she wanted to impose her own style of working upon us all, which is fair enough, and the majority of us resisted that.

On a personal level, I butted heads with her as I tend to do things as I see fit and right, and thus when this clashed I would as is my want get agitated and frustrated, but wouldn't say anything. That only served to lead me to get angry and not do what I should have done and sorted things out. I've not been the best person in the world to manage, and probably will never be so, but I know I haven't made her life easy over this past year.

As a person she's great and a nice person, but we just clashed on many area's and I think that perhaps the only person that could manage me on that basis is myself. I'm very much my own person and need to be allowed the freedom to do things, and not to be restricted by very restrictive rules. For example not being allowed to take my Tuesday group out!! That has effected me so much over the past 12 months, to the point where by I'm going to change the group I run when given the very first opportunity. I have had enough of the group, even though I love it to bits.


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