Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dreamer's Ball

I guess that as I have a day off today I should perhaps write something in here, that isn't just me saying sorry for not posting much over the past couple of weeks. So I'll try my best, but of course things might just swing back to work as I try and illustrate how I feel and what's been happening.

Well going from Saturday onwards, it's been rather quieter than the previous week, in that no major problems have come up, and if anything it's been a pleasure to have things just go quietly. My aunt has gone back to her place this week, or should I say on Tuesday evenning when her grandson came up from his place to look after her. I'm really not sure how long she can go on living on her own, and though it's sad to say this, I think my mum accepts that she really isn't well enough to look after her. On the way back from taking her home on Tuesday, I told my mum that I'd object to her doing such a thing, and she did say that she couldn't do it. An example of this was last night. On getting home from work, and going to mum's she got up to the door as I couldn't find the keys to her house. As she answered the door and then started to walk back towards the kitchen, she was struggling to walk. I asked her if she was ok, and she told me she was tired. As if that isn't an example of how much looking after her sister takes it toll.

So I guess that's going to have to resolve itself, but how much my mum takes in that I don't really know. What ever happens though, the outcome won't be my aunt at my mum's.

Work wise things have been odd this week. Whilst both Tuesday and Wednesday went well in terms of everyone enjoying themselves, i.e. the kids on the playscehme's, yesterday I was at the end of my tether. All day I had kids asking me silly questions which they could ask anyone else, but with me being in charge it was me they turned too. It wasn't as if I had chance to answer them all, as 9 times out of 10, three or four of them would be asking silly questions all at once. I don't think I had a minutes break. Whilst it was a good day, my stress levels were increasing as the day went by. I got through it though and that's all that matters. Today is a day off and thus I don't have to worry about work. Yet, I've one or two things that need to be done today for work.

Last night I was very tired all night, and I'm thankful that I'm not on a playscheme today. What though really makes things odd, was that although I was very tired, I didn't really sleep that much to be honest. I had a catnap at my mum's after some tea, and then when I got home I went to bed at 11.30ish, and then couldn't sleep. When I did sleep it wasn't for long and I kept waking up, but and here's the strange thing. When I did manage to sleep it was a rather deep and intense sleep, which has to a point refreshed me, but of course the fact that I didn't sleep for a long period has left me feeling slightly tired this morning.

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