Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Confidence loss?

I need to write something, as once more I'm suffering from what I can only describe as some sort of writers block or a loss of confidence in terms of my own ability to write for my college course.  I don't know what the issue is as I've been told already by the tutor that my previous entry was great, so why I'm now having a issue with confidence now I don't know.

It's strange to be honest, as the topics aren't that big, and I think part of the issue that I'm going through is that we've been given some space in which to write up our answers to the questions and I'm feeling that I have to fill the whole space as well as trying to use more professional language than perhaps I need to.  Is it me trying to prove something to myself or the tutor I don't know?  All I know is that I'm not happy with what I've written, as I feel it's a bit short and not good enough.  I will however speak to the tutor and send the said work in so she can tell me what to do to put this right.

Oh well I'm going to have to finish this now as my course is about to begin, well in 20 minutes, but people are arriving and wanting to know if I'm going into the class, but I'm going to finish this entry.  Well I'll cut it short I guess and go in now.

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