Monday, August 05, 2013

Strange Days

I'm sure I'm not the only person in this world who has had a day like today, in fact I dare say others around this planet may have had similar experiences today even, but I'm curious as to why these things happen.  

To begin with, let me explain for the past couple of weeks now I'd convinced myself that today was a bank holiday/public holiday here in England.  Maybe it was because of my phone's calendar saying Bank Holiday on this date, and so I've been building myself up for it.  Knowing that on a Bank Holiday, you don't get any post, you have odd shop opening hours etc, I was ready to accept all that.  I've been waiting for a parcel to arrive from distant fields for a few weeks now, but had an idea that between now and the next week or two it should arrive.  

So this morning arrived, I had a small drink last night, nothing to get me drunk, though I did struggle this morning waking up, and was going on a go slow as such.  So after breakfast and a watch of a tv show, I left my room for the bathroom.  Lo and behold we'd got mail through the letter box, which confused me, more so as I could see a card from the post person saying a package was too big, even though I'm at the top of the stairs I knew it was mine, but I was confused as it was a holiday.  So I collected the post and my card, came back to my room and then went to the bathroom.  On my return I checked my phone, and it's only a holiday in Scotland, which made me feel slightly stupid, but it had thrown me considerably.  All day it's felt like an odd day, I've not been at the races when people have spoken to me, I've left things on counters and generally just not been with it.  

Why is it days like this happen, it's not new, these days happen through out your life, why is it that these happen?  It's not as if you have a switch and can switch it on or off, so why?  I really would like to know.  I know at the camp I was on I got a day behind the world for some reason and kept thinking it was the day before it actually was, again I don't know why.  I wish I knew the answer, because I'd stop myself from having these sort of days.  It's annoying as when I go to bed I tend to think I've lost a day for no apparent reason.  I can't even look back and give a logical argument on these things as I can't.

Regardless of that the parcel was mine, it was very nice to be able to go collect it, knowing that I'd like what was inside.  I know I enjoy the mystery of a letter or a card, when I'm not expecting anything, but knowing what was in the parcel didn't diminish the excitement or joy once it was opened, and I know someone else will be excited to hear that it has arrived as half of the contents belongs to them.  Which will make them very happy, or at least I hope it will. 

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