Monday, April 01, 2013

Done Nothing Monday

I forced myself to write last week, and then decided to leave this place alone.  To see if I would come back to see if I could come back and add anything worth while.  Even with a shock on Thursday, that obviously was unexpected, I didn't post.  I either don't feel compelled to do so or I'm not feeling creative.  However, as I trawl through the night tonight, I thought I'd might as well put something down.

The thing is that I'm almost bored of all the websites I've got in my current bookmarks, I dare not add to many more to them, not that my pc can't take it, of course it can.  However, my pc's ability to display pages, to keep up to speed is still driving me crazy and thus I'm not keen on half the pages I would normally be looking at, or certainly had prior to losing the bookmarks last year.  So I've restricted myself and that sort of limits me on a night like tonight.  I'd be buzzing around looking on odd pages or playing strange flash based games rather than doing sweet FA.  

So what's happend over the past week or so?  Nothing to be honest, nothing at all.  Easter came and went, well is going as it's just before 10pm on Easter Monday.  I didn't eat any chocolate, I didn't have lamb either, just the normal fayre for me.  I did however pick up some potted meat on Saturday and have enjoyed that on sandwiches on Saturday and Sunday, and with some left I've been able to enjoy that at random intervals.  It will run out, but hey it's been nice to have a different taste.  

Over the past few days I've probably been looking more at sites for my up coming holiday, than I had previously.  Prior to this weekend I'd been looking at things to do, and also things to buy, this weekend has been hiking sites, videos of Invermere and also of the airline I'm flying with.  It's been about 5 or 6 years since I was last on a plane and I suspect that was to Belfast and back for a conference, so it was just a short hop across the water.  This time it won't be, and I'll be flying with an airline that has fitted mood lighting to it's cabin's.  It sounds crazy, it looks odd on the video I watched, but do you know it's just increased my desire for the holiday to come tomrrow rather than later.  I've got a residential to volunteer on, before then that I should be excited about, but the holiday is taking over that and I need to calm down, as there is plenty of time for something to go wrong yet.