Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Domino Days

Crumbs, things do happen all at once don't they? Like this blog, I don't add for ages and then along come a small flurry of posts...

Well, today has been just one of those "Typical Days", in the life of me. I was being positive in yesterday's post and I'm trying to stay that way, however I sit here and wonder where half of that positivity has gone. OK, so this morning was going to be predictable, I went down to Asda to purchase some printer cartridges, which are the cheapest I can find, so off I trots on a gentle couple of mile walk, only to find they didn't have any of the own brand in, but the official brand ones were there, both of them were virtually £10 dearer than the own branded versions. So I didn't buy and so on the way back I detoured to my mum's to pick up a Christmas present from my niece, what a lovely present it was too, a mug..... Not any old mug though it's got Blinky on it!!! Now who's Blinky?? He's the red ghost from Pac Man, yes I've got a pac man mug!!! Pac Man is my second geeky obsession along with Star Wars. Sad I know, but Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are cool, I guess the only thing for me to do now is go and find the rest of the collection of mugs with the other ghosts and Pac Man himself on it.

That's one good, against one bad, nothing too problematic I guess, oh and a card from one of my aunts was with it. So with that in my bag, I set off for home, thinking I'd find something for tea at the new Tesco's on the way home, well we know what thought did, so that didn't happen. I got home, started to watch a couple of tv shows, only to get a phone call from my mum, telling me the aunt that I'd got the card from today, had died today... two down, so that wasn't the best news I'd heard.

Later on I got another phone call, telling me that for some reason the insurance brokers I had my home insurance with had decided to renew it even though I'd told them not to, and that they think I owe them money... I'm sorry but I said no, so why it was renewed I don't know, and I've not got the money I'm alleged to owe them. So that sort of killed the day completely. What started out as any other day, collapsed under negativeity, luckily I'm in a position to deal with it, and writing about it helps. All I am going to say is FU*K the lot of it, tomorrow's another day and it's going to be better. Well it will be after paying some bills and carrying the washing to the laundrette.

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