Monday, November 26, 2007

Stressed and Tired

Wow, it's been ages since I added to this page, but it's been ages since I added anything over on my myspace account as well. I've not been well, and am off work. I'm just getting my head around to where it should be. I know that I should have perhaps been using this place and the other place to sort myself out, before getting into the situation I am in right now, but it just couldn't happen.

I've got to accept that at some point or other writing things down just isn't enough and I can't take everything that everyone wants from me. I've got to give myself some time to relax and to let go. I've not had the time to do that for a while and though I enjoyed Newcastle and came back feeling better than I had prior to that event, I've not really given myself any space since then. So I'm here now off work with stress and trying to sort my head out.

I will try and catch up on events that went prior to me being off work, but they will have to wait, I'm writing today to get myself back into the idea of writing. I had ignored these sites for a while, whilst everything got on top of me and if this is the step to help me sort myself out, then this is the first step back I guess.


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