Saturday, August 18, 2007

Light bulb moment

It seems to be that after a period of extensive entries I've gone a bit quiet again... Well it isn't due to me being depressed or high to be honest, it's down to me either not having the time or there is is no need to put anything down in words.

I mention time and of course I'm online quite a bit, but it's also a matter of how tired I am after the day and what time I've got to get out of the house in the morning. Of late, work has seen me leave the house quite early, almost school like time scheduled, which leaves me with little time of an evening to put anything down as I'm in wind down mode when I return home and just want to relax a little. So right now, just about a week since my last entry I've returned to put something down.

Life is good, work isn't so good, but it's been worse and so I've no complaints, well I have plenty, but none that are worthy of any sort of reaction in here. I'm well, though I've got yet another huge bruise on my leg, through to knocking my leg on the mini bus the other day. People are saying I bruise easily, but just as I started to write this paragraph, let alone the entry, I suddenly understood why I've got this bruise. It isn't down to me being soft and easy to injure, but this injury was picked up a day or so after a rather busy day of sports that left me tired and aching all over for a couple of days. My legs were already bruised internally, but the knock on the leg which I took has brought the bruising out and so it wasn't so much a heavy knock, but an accumulation I guess.

The power of word works again for me, as I figure out yet another of life's little mystery's that revolves around myself. I should write everyday on here, that way I could solve my life's problems almost instantaneously but then life would be dull and boring and I'd never leave the flat for writing.

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