Saturday, October 21, 2006


I think I've managed to stop people from reading this blog, by my lack of posts of late, which means that I may be able to write and keep this place active without any one caring or bothering what I write.

Not that I wanted that at first, and to a point it's never been about what others read here, it's how I feel and what I want to write. If I didn't have anything to write then I wouldn't put it down in here. I do have things to air, I have views and problems that whilst not solved in here, can help me over come them.

Well my train of thought here has been lost! I've just had my mail for the day, and if anything it's derailed my mind. I'm in serious trouble with my bank, and yet they are too blame. Why set limits for people only for them not to adhere to them? I'm really angry at this. I need help with my money, something that increasing my hours would help, but by the sounds of things that isn't going to happen at all. I'm so desperate that I'll do anything. The problem being that I can't do anything at night or through the day to be honest. I'm so knackered that I don't know what to do. I doubt I'll ever be sorted and doubt I'll ever be able to afford anything again that I want.

Others survive, but they have other means of income and tend to have 2 lots of money coming into the household. I'm very tempted to end it all right now, I can't see a future for me at all. I was just thinking about possibly going to see Lisa at some point prior to Christmas, but that has to be shelved right away, and I can't see me doing that till at least June of next year. It isn't fair, I've worked all my life with the exception of 6 months after leaving Uni, and I've nothing to show for it. I'm so peeved off that I just don't want to carry on.

I was just getting over things till this came around, I can't understand my bank at all, they must have some sense on this. I'm going to go in and complain on Monday. I've had enough of them to be honest. What can I do to help myself when they take charges off me and then don't stick to the limits they've set. It's tangamount to robbery.

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